Thursday, September 25, 2014

Now and Later: What's up with Hexes and Soldiers Games?

     Consider this a newsletter or if you will a communique the nature of which might shed some light on a few dark corners of the cutting room that is Hexes and Soldiers Games.  First of all, who do i think i am?  I mean, who am i to start throwing games out there to an unsuspecting wargaming community?  Well, the answer to that can be as simple or complex as you want it to be but i'll try and make it both.  To be honest, im probably not too much unlike yourselves.  That is to say, a gamer with ideas who isn't satisfied with just playing a game, no, i/we have to reverse engineer the thing to see just how it works then add variations until the thing resembles some synthetic twin of ugliness.  But its when i decided to officially offer up these lab results that the fundamental difference ensues, one that probably paints yours truly as naive in thinking that anyone might be even remotely interested in something that "Who is that guy again?" produced.  Yet, we all started somewhere and i suppose the problem with this statement is the implication that we are all going somewhere and unfortunately, i can find no guarantee of that (trust me i've looked everywhere, under the couch, behind the bed board...)  So how do i expect to compete with those already out there, those who wouldn't bother to crane their necks to look down their established noses at me?  I don't.  I'm not in this to compete and i should add i'm not in this to make a "killing".  So why am i in this and just what is "this" anyway? I am in this because i am no different then all you other makers of music, you dreamers of dreams as this is my song, my dream.
        The fundamental truth is, i'm not sure what the hell i'm doing.  Fact is, i'm still trying to hone the whole podcast thing and when it comes to game design/production, there isn't much difference.   I'm learning as i go and yes a key step in any healthy business model would be adding an official H&S GAMES web site, greasing up the advertising machine, etc. etc. but my focus here is on the game.  Sounds crazy right?  Well that's my intention anyway.  The overwhelming perspective i've adopted is to design, develop and playtest and if somewhere along the way something gets sold, hey, that's merely a bonus.
     Another key aspect to consider is that this thing truly is a one man show.  If something works, i can pat myself on the back but if something is broken, well i only have myself to blame.  With the initial release of Platoon Leader, i will readily admit that i could benefit from a rules editor and a host of playtesters but i'm trying and if things improve along the way than that is good enough for me.
     So what can be expected from H&S GAMES?  If nothing else, a simulation that i would play.  How could i hawk a game that i wouldn't or couldn't play myself?  But more than that, a simulation which i am willing to support along the way.  So yea, i don't expect this to mean a hill of beans to anyone but it means a mountain to me.
     Overall i'm happy with H&S GAMES initial release, Platoon Leader.  This is the first time i've dared such a thing and i won't deny that the end result may reflect the current limitations of such an endeavor, obviously there is room for improvement.  Fortunately i have a stockpile of improvement to fill that room!  The next Platoon Leader installment will deal with winter in the Ardennes.   You can expect an improved map with some extra stuff for your wargame sweet tooth.  The third installment will reveal vehicles while the fourth installment will consist of an historical campaign.  These are my goals and there is no time limit set.  Cold Combat, the first expansion is in playtest mode as we speak.  The rest, well, it's going to take a while. So if you've been following along with a curious ear, or even took a chance on an unknown game from an unknown company, i thank you. And if i never sold another game, i'd still be doing the same thing because there isn't much else i'd rather be doing.

     Thanks for reading...and Keep Gaming!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Companion Guide To Hexes And Soldiers Wargame Podcast Episode 36.0

Kursk would be Germany's last major offensive in the east during World War II. Following their disastrous defeat at Stalingrad during the winter of 1942-43, the German armed forces launched a climactic offensive known as Operation Citadel on July 4, 1943.  Hitler had delayed the launch date for his push by three months which gave the Russians ample time to prepare.  Additionally, the Russians were maturing in their operational capabilities such that the Germans faced a foe that was quite different from the one they faced in '41. 

What to read:

What to play:

 For miniatures enthusiasts:

For the weekend Kursk fan:

 For the die hard Kursk fan:

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Winter Is Coming!! Platoon Leader Expansion Pack 1...

Fast on the heels of  H&S Games debut Platoon Leader comes the first Expansion Pack, Cold Combat!  Within you will find new scenarios and an improved, winterized map.  There are also supplementary rules that cover snipers, the Waffen SS, and the walking wounded (Platoon leaders can now become wounded.)  You will be able to download the wound counters for free via BGG ala Platoon Leader.

Note: The base game Platoon Leader is required to play Cold Combat! In addition to those of you who  already own Platoon Leader, for those of you still holding out, order your copy of Platoon Leader within the next 24 hours and you will receive Cold Combat! for free!!! (This offer ends 4pm central time Sunday, September 21, 2014.)

Coming soon to a table near you...

Order Platoon Leader here:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Platoon Leader: Priced, Listed, and Ready To Ship!


I'm both nervous and excited to announce that Platoon Leader is now officially available!  I've just listed copies on EBAY for 9.99 which includes free shipping. This price will last for 24 hours after which it will go up to 14.99 (the free shipping will continue.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

H&S Games Presents...


 So the first batch of games have been printed up.  I have the official dirty dozen bagged and ready to go.   Thanks to a printer error, the first ten copies have color panels on the inside!  (if that's an error than keep em coming!)  What is more, there was no additional charge as they were supposed to be black and white.  The self sealing baggies have come in as well.  Each comes with a backing board (use to mount counters).  Pricing will be posted as soon as i can figure out a flat rate for postage.  I also need to crunch the numbers for EBAY and PAYPAL seller fees.  I've chosen to sell through EBAY so that a third party can mediate any potential buyer/seller problems that may arise.
     I still hope to post a video of game play though it may prove challenging with an Iphone the footage of which i'm not sure I will be able to edit.  So we shall see.

Hexes and Soldiers Episode 36.0 is in the works though there is no specific target date.  Naturally, i've been busy.

Stay tuned, and keep gaming!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Game Development Update

Just a quick update to let you know where i'm at.  I have made a few "minor" changes to the game including: a name change.  I have opted for "Platoon Leader" as opposed to Rendezvous With Destiny. The main reason is somewhat trivial and doesn't really bare mentioning but suffice to say, this name's sticking.  (Let me back up a bit.  If you don't already know i'm finishing up a WW2 infantry game that uses no combat results tables, no charts, and no cards.  I've borrowed from what works in other games and stitched it all together into my own little "Frankenstein".)   I've also polished up and detailed the cover which i'm now quite pleased with.  The rules have grown a tad as I add last minute corrections, explanations and updates.  Last count puts me at 20 pages give or take, (14 pt font).  I've added another scenario and fleshed out the counters (man they look so much better!).  The rest is roughly the same.  That said, the plastic bags are ordered and i hope to get this thing to the printers next week so you can expect an official "unboxing" preview very soon now.  Meanwhile, if you haven't done so already, give the latter half of Hexes and Soldiers episode 35.0 a listen if your curious to learn more about Platoon Leader! 
Stay tuned and keep gaming!