Monday, June 13, 2016

Advanced Platoon Leader (APL) is in the works!


Platoon Leader is growing up.  With a tentative release date of 1st quarter 2017, Advanced Platoon Leader (APL) will offer more detail, more options and improved graphics.  One of the main differences will include replacing the single map with terrain cards which can be configured into any number of map variations.  New, improved graphics ensure a more detailed and eye catching style.  The "buckets of dice" combat system will remain in place with additional tweaks and improvements while a number of random events turn each game into a story.   Each platoon will roll for command actions the result of which forms a single pool that each squad within a platoon must share and while often times there may not be enough commands to go around, you must decide who will act and who will not.  Finally, an innovative, fully fleshed out German AI promises to make this a true solo adventure so get ready because history awaits!