Saturday, December 31, 2016



With 2016 behind us what was accomplished?  For the Hexes and Soldiers podcast, 4 new episodes (44-47) were completed.  With the final target episode of 50, that ensures at least 3 more shows for the coming new year.  The number of shows declined in 2016 as the game design side of life soaked up most of any available free time.  As a result, Ostfront marked H&S GAMES 4th release.  Total game sales for all 4 releases rose significantly with customers from all over the world placing orders.  Other highlights include the completion of a Battlegrounds Gaming Engine (BGE) module for Ostfront (essentially a vassal type rendering) as well as an extremely interesting Joseph Balkoski interview at the WWII history museum here in NOLA.  

So what does 2017 have in store?  March 17 (St. Patrick's day) will mark the release of Advanced Platoon Leader (APL).  The original Platoon Leader was overhauled to include terrain cards which allow the configuration of numerous map variations as well as an improved combat engine, added detail and some overall fine tuning.  A limited amount of boxed editions will be available (a first ever offering from H&S GAMES thanks to Brian Winkeler) as well as ziploc versions and of course print n play.  I am also happy to announce that Robert Lenz hailing all the way from Germany is handling the artwork for the game.  Mr. Lenz assisted with Ostfront and is ensuring that the same quality control and high standards are carried over to APL.  

Post APL release should see a brief hibernation period followed by a number of possibilities including: Napoleonics rules (long in the making now), a fast play Arnhem game or even a Weird War sc- fi/alternate history themed game a la Dust tactics/warfare meets Cthulhu.  

So that's it for 2016, with all its highs and lows lets hope 2017 is a step up and may you and yours have a superb new year!